HE didn’t need me, HE wanted me.

Today I wanted to hear the songs on the new Casting Crowns CD “Thrive”.  I pulled up their YouTube page and noticed a video of Mark Hall’s testimony.  As I listened I could hardly believe my ears…Mark Hall of Casting Crowns had doubts and fears about his calling.  It didn’t take long before I was under conviction.

I believe we all have a calling on our lives.  I believe that He equips us all for the job.  So what is my problem?  I don’t believe I’m good enough.  To my surprise neither did Mark Hall.  Even as I write this my mind is saying, “Seriously, Mark Hall had doubts.  The Mark Hall, lead singer of Casting Crowns.”

I have come to realize that we all face doubts and fears.  We all have a story to tell.  We all have a voice to speak of the wondrous things that God has done for us.  So why don’t we?  Because we also have a common enemy.  He can not take our souls, our salvation, but he will try with everything he has to stop our testimony.

I have been challenged by Beth Moore (Believing God) to stop believing what Satan has to say.  Instead I must know and believe that 1-God is who He says He is.  2-He can do what He says He can do.  3-I am who God says I am.  4-I can do all things through Christ, and lastly 5-His word is alive and active in me.

So, where does that leave me?  I’m still scared!  I know that some will laugh.  Some will think I am crazy.  But I have decided that if God wants me to use my voice, whether through vocalization or through pen, then it is His for the using.  No more hiding in the closet.

Quoting Mark Hall, “God doesn’t need me.  He wanted me!”  God wants me!  Little ole me to share my life and testimony.  And He wants you!

As I thought on all of this, Romans 11:29 came to my mind.

“For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.”

He called me.  He gifted me.  He knew who I was and He wanted me anyway!



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