Those seem to be the words of the day… or the month!   My little girl has fallen in love with the new Disney Movie “Frozen”.  She has listened to the soundtrack and to that song until I think I know the words by heart.  I find myself singing it out in the most awkward times!!!

Let it go.  Just as Elsa climbed the North Mountain to find a place where she could just be herself, we all have that same longing within us.  We long to be freed from the shame and disgrace we feel because we are different from others.  We want to escape the hurt and pain of life.  We seek a place to just cry out in anguish over life’s disappointments.

However, there is no North Mountain for me to climb.  There is so secret place of shelter we can find to hide away from the world.  There is no peace for the agony of our souls.  There seems to be no end to the nightmare we face.  How we long for a place to let it all go.  It seems all hope is gone.

Except, there is a place of refuge.  There is a place where hope runs free like a winding river through the roughest mountains.  There is a sanctuary for the lonely and broken-hearted.  There is a garden of peace and tranquility for all those who would dare to enter in.

Where can such a place be found?  Where can I just let it go?

In the arms of our Heavenly Father.  There is nothing like climbing up into Daddy’s arms and having Him hold you, stroke your hair and whisper, “Let it go.  Let it all out.  I’ve got you.  I’ll never let you go.”   It can be at altar inside of a church, it can be in the corner of your closet, it can be sitting in the ocean’s edge as waves wash over you.  It can be anywhere you feel the need to just have God take you up into His lap and love on you.

He’ll listen.  He’ll let you vent.  He’ll let you cry.  He’ll comfort you.  He’ll dry your tears.  He’ll whisper words of peace and comfort over you.  And He’ll hold you as long as you want Him too.

“Casting all your care upon Him: for He careth for you.”  (1 Peter 5:7)

No one cares for us like God does.  No one loves us like God does.  When there seems to be no one, there is God.  You can let it go with God.  You can let go of all those things that have you bound up.  You can bring Him all the things that you wouldn’t dare share with anyone else.  He won’t tell another soul either.

He cares for you.  Can you trust Him enough to just Let It Go?

Father, I know there are many that are hurting.  There are many who are afraid and lonely.  I pray they find strength in your arms.  I pray they find the security and happiness I have found just resting in your lap.  Wrap Your arms around them, love on them until all the hurt has been healed.  Whisper peace to their souls.  In Jesus Name I Pray, AMEN.

For I know~~Renee

Job 19:25-27


One thought on “LET IT GO. LET IT GO….

  1. So good to ”lean on the Lord”. Struggles sometimes seem endless, but with God there is ”rest”. Thank you for this well written, message.


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