OMGoodness! I just had a great experience with Rolling Stones!!!

A month ago I sent an email regarding something that I hold dear to my heart. With great compassion I sent a request asking for help in getting my cause heard. I have heard nothing in return.

Getting a little weary of waiting for a reply I began to let the Devil cause me to doubt whether I should have sent the email to start with. “God’s gonna make a fool out of you”, he taunted. “They probably just laughed and laughed at you when they read it.”

I began to pray. As I talked with God, I recalled how it was Him who gave me the passion for this project. It was Him who lead me to the man who could help me with it. It was Him who had given me the words to say.

I was in the middle of praising and thanking God for His reassurance when my husband came home from visiting a dear friend. He handed me a card along with some other gifts she had sent. Reaching out for them, I saw God’s reply.

“Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.” Psalm 37:5

Pretty, simple verse.  Could just leave it there and say ok, I get it.   But, sitting under the teaching of my Pastor/husband, and wonderful women like Beth Moore and all the wonderful ladies who have taught at our retreats, I have learned to dig a little deeper.  So, I grabbed my Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible and looked that verse up.

And guess what!   There is so much more to see there.  He’s so good to me!

The root idea of the word commit is to roll.  The Hebrew word often refers to rolling stones!  In this verse it refers to one’s ways and works rolled onto (committed, entrusted) to someone (especially God).

I hope you have heard of the great Rolling Stone in the Bible.  When Jesus was taken down from Calvary and placed in a borrowed tomb, His enemies thought they had Him.  He was buried and sealed behind a stone.    Placed guards around it.  They thought Jesus was history.

What they didn’t know was, they never rolled that stone.  Yes, there hands may have been on it.  They may have physically rolled it into place, but Jesus Himself rolled that stone.  He had been rolling it for 30 plus years.  Everyday of His earthly ministry He rolled it by confessing the Father, submitting to the Father, obeying the Father and trusting the Father.

On that glorious third day, the angels did not roll the stone, Jesus did not roll the stone, but God the Father, the Alpha and Omega rolled that stone again.

As I was looking up that verse, I could hear my Father whispering over me.  “You’ve done as I asked, Renee.  You rolled the stone of this cause into the hands of someone who could help when you pressed send.  I know your heart.  I know your intentions and I promise you, I will roll this stone again.”

My friend, I do not know what God has called you to do in faith.  But, I do know how tempting it is to give up, to cave in, to feel hopeless and defeated.   I also know that God is asking you to trust Him.  He has not left you. If He has asked you to roll a stone of faith, believe me, He will roll it again.

God always honors His Son.  I believe that anyone with a pure heart of adoration who only wants to bring Jesus glory and praise will be rewarded.

Jesus committed His ways unto the Lord; He trusted God the Father, and God brought it to pass.  For 30 some years, Jesus trusted.  A few days, weeks or even years, is not too much to ask from me.

Thank You Lord for the rolling stones!!!!

For I know~~Renee
Job 19:25-27


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