All These Things: Testimonies of God’s Provision

My friend Cheri uses my story Paid in Full as part of her blog. Please take time to read how God has not only provided for Cheri and I but for many others. This same God, the I AM, will provide for you too.

Cheri Gamble

It all started with a bag of clothes.

Or, rather, three bags of clothes. Three totally different bags of clothes from three totally different women, each bag stuffed full of fashionable women’s clothing and given to me during the same one week period. Everything was just my size.

Then there was the phone call. “Cheri, I had a party at my house and no one ate anything. I have a bunch left over. Could you use it?”

“Sure,” I responded, unaware that I was about to receive an abundance of fresh vegetables, a variety of chips and dips, meatballs, cheese, and an incredibly delicious chocolate cake. “This is the best lunch ever!” one of my boys proclaimed as we feasted on the surprise meal.

Later that week, my husband came home with a huge ham and a bag of potatoes. “They said it was too big for them and they…

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