Learning to Love Ourselves – Part Two

Beautiful reminder of how much I am loved and cherished by God.

Laura L. Padgett - Author, Speaker, Dancer, Podcaster

Ox-eye daisies

Does anyone else remember playing, “He loves me, he loves me not”? For those unfamiliar with this little game, here is a quick summary. You see, it is generally done by picking petals, one by one, off a flower while saying, “He loves me, he loves me not.” My girlfriends (in seventh grade, I think) and I used to do this to determine if the guy we liked felt the same about us. This was exciting because one just never knew if the petals were going to run out on the dreaded negative note. For that same reason, there was unimaginable anxiety associated with the fate rendered by the flower-based love predictor.

In the arena of human relationships, I have sometimes wondered about my worth based on things as random as pulling petals off a daisy. “I am good enough, I am not good enough. I am smart enough, I…

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