More Than a Cup of Yogurt


For the past several weeks our daughter Jayden has been sick.  Well, actually she hasn’t been feeling well since Christmas.  We first thought it was a virus, but she has not gotten better.  We have had several test and have treated symptoms.  Thanking God nothing serious is showing up, however, she is still have chronic pain episodes with her stomach.  She never stops hurting completely, but the pain gets very bad at random times.

Through this period, our family and friends have been so supportive, gathering around us in prayer and helping in any way they could.  Last night, I even shared with her that even our County Chief of Police was praying for her.  She’ll never know what it meant for my daughter that “SHE” would stop all her busy stuff, and pray for her.  Little things mean a lot.

We never know what will set off the attack of pain or when they will happen.  Sometimes it comes when she is being active, sometimes when she eats, sometimes while she is sleeping and she is constantly nauseated.  So was the case Tuesday night and we had to rush her to the local hospital.

Hearing one of the two Doctors she saw during our ER visit the night before, saying that yogurt would coat her stomach and may help with the pain, she decided to eat only yogurt when she was hungry.  She had just finished all she had and Mike was ready to head to WalMart for more when I got a message from a friend.

“Has Jayden tried yogurt?  It seems to help my stomach when I eat it.”

“Oh, yes. She loves yogurt.  As a matter of fact that is about all she has eaten today.”

“Does she like strawberry?” she asked.

“That is her favorite”, I replied.

“Good, I bought her some while I was at the grocery store.  Would you mind if I dropped it by tonight?”

After receiving the yogurt another friend stopped by.  She helped Jayden with her homework, talked with her, and encouraged her.  During her visit, Jayden acted more like her old self.  You see, Jayden is a social butterfly.  She needs interaction with others.  This friend, just sharing a little of her time, brought Jayden much joy.

Before we went to bed,  Jayden and I read and discussed her daily devotion like every other night. Usually I let Jayden read, but she asked me to and I did.

The story was on the man who had been let down through the roof by his friends in order to get him to Jesus as found in Mark chapter 2. All day long Mike and I had shared with Jayden the many number of phone calls, text and FB comments of those praying for her.

But as any human would, her little mind began to question. Just before I began to read, she said to me, “Will I ever get better Mama? I am so tired of this. Sometimes I feel like I just can’t make it another day!”

I tried to comfort and reassure her and began to read and my eyes began to feel with tears.

Jayden brushed them away, “I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

I looked at her and smiled, “You didn’t.  God did.  It’s one of those good cries.  God has a message for you Jayden.  A very special message.”



“Do you realize what God has done for you today, Jayden?”

“God has sent message after message and phone call after phone call of people who are concerned and praying for you.  He has sent you yogurt when you ran out.  He brought a friend to cheer you up.  And even now, He is still answering you.  God is working.  We may not see it.  We may not understand.  But God is still working and taking care of us.  Through His word, now He is reassuring us that He is hearing and answering the prayers of our many friends.  There is a reason for this, we must trust Him and know He that He cares about us.”

“He always takes care of us doesn’t He?  Somehow He always knows what I need.”, she whispered.

Then she snuggled up close and with a smile on her face, she feel asleep.  Safely in His arms, knowing He was there, taking care of her.


We may not know what tomorrow will bring, or why we are going through the things we are going through, but this we can be assured of,

God is still God.

He is working not only on the big things in our lives, but on the smallest details.  He even cares when we run out of yogurt!  He cares!  HE CARES!!!

During our Women’s Bible Study this past Sunday, this quote from Karen Kingsbury’s “Family of Jesus” was read.

“Look for God in the journey.” His teacher’s eyes narrowed, full of wisdom.

“Even when you are away from school, the Father is teaching.  Be listening.”

It has been with me all week, giving me strength and encouragement.  God is always there.  Always teaching, leading and working.  We may not see it.  May not realize it, but He is there.  So often we over look the greatest of all miracles~the little details that He takes care of~because we are too focused on the big miracle we want.  This week, God has taught me that the greatest miracles are those small things that He does.

My God who has all power, all knowledge, who created the heavens and the earth, knows when my child runs out of yogurt!  He cares enough to give us friends to bring us a laugh, a hug and word of encouragement.  He cares enough to give us a nurse who will go the extra mile to help us.  He cares enough to speak through His Word giving us the message we need for every season of life.







10 thoughts on “More Than a Cup of Yogurt

  1. You are so right Renee. We always seems to look for the big picture instead of letting God put the pieces of the puzzle together for us. He is always there.


  2. I love real stories of God’s love for his children. As we meditate on this, I see people in ONE ACCORD with God and people who know the voice of their GOD. He speaks do we hear!!! Thank God for those who listen.

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  3. Renee I pray Jayden is feeling better today, I pray for her daily your story touch my heart God truly answers prayers in his way and not ours. One thing we know no matter how big or small we think our prayers are God is there in the midst of them all. Love You


  4. I’ve seen your updates on FB and am so touched to read this about how God is speaking to you all in the midst of this situation. Thanks for sharing this and letting us pray for Jayden. Thanks for linking with Grace and Truth.


  5. Wow. First let me say that Jayden and your family has my prayers as well. As humans it is sometimes hard for us to see what is working behind the scenes. We just want to know why God is not making it all better. I struggle with this question a lot. Like why do children have to suffer, or die, etc, and while I still haven’t fully wrapped my brain around this yet, posts like this help me to see it a little clearer. Thanks for sharing! #shinebloghop

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  6. Praying for your sweet Jayden to soon be healed. Is she just a little girl? And you said she has been tested…gluten? celiac? Sometimes a celiac blood test doesn’t reveal it but another blood test which looks at your genes does. Also, and I hope you don’t mind my sharing, but have you looked at the SCD website? Or Against All Grains? I did not start to feel better until I gave up all grains and various carbs (white potatoes, legumes, etc.) Tell Jayden I’m sending up prayers…


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