Missing You….

Over the past month I have been busy taking care of my daughter.  She got sick right before Christmas with the flu.  Right after Christmas she started complaining with stomach hurting.  We have been seen now by 6 different doctors.  Had several exrays and tests run.  As of right now, her colon is still not working.  The results from the test show that her Vitamin D is “moderately” low and her TSH (thyroid) is low.  They work against each other.  It’s been a long process and she is feeling better, but we are still not completely back to normal.

I hated to walk away from blogging, but I had to choose what was most important to me.  My daughter will always come first.  As a result, I have gotten behind at work and with school, and therefore I choose to spend my time catching up.  I do miss blogging and all of my friends that I have made through it.   Please continue to pray for us.  I hope to be back with you all soon!


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