I STAND (or at least I try)

grace2I’m still amazed by God’s grace and mercy, even when I find myself without Band aid.  It is a known fact, that I am never to be without one.  I was born clumsy and have never outgrown it.  Yesterday was just more prove of that.

I had forty-five minutes before church started and so I decided to go on an adventure with God.  With my camera in hand I made my way around our beautiful church yard.  Here in the south, we pride ourselves on our beautiful moss covered oaks.  Our church grounds are home to several of those magnificient ladies.

I started walking and talking with God and taking snapshots of all His stunning craftsmanship.  Before long my path had taken me behind the church, still snapping photos.  I admired the many shades of green God had created. What a brillant mind He has.  A gentle breeze embraced me in His tender arms.  Birds were singing a cheerful melody above me.  It was such a sweet fellowship with just me and the Lord.

Lifting my face towards the sky, I closed my eyes and drank in all peace that was around me.  I opened them abruptly as my body began to plunge to the asphalt pavement.  Landing hard on the ground my first thought was please send someone to help me Lord.  It took just seconds for my breath to return and the initial shock of pain to wear off.  Then my plea changed to Lord please let me get up before anyone finds me here!

Micah 7,8

Pulling myself into a sitting position, while still realing from the excrusating jolt my body had just endured was not an easy task.  My mind screamed get up, but my body wanted only to cry.  I lifted my eyes toward heaven and questioned,

“God, how could I stumble and fall when I was walking with You?”

“It happens all the time, my child”, was the reply.

“I just don’t understand, Father, how it can happen.  I was walking with you, talking with you, fellowshipping with you, and now here I face down on the ground.  How could I have fallen?”

I sat there for a moment allowing Him to flood my mind with story after story of those who had walked closely with God, yet fallen.  That’s what Peter did.  It’s what the Prophet Elijah did.  Even Moses and David were not without their stumbles and falls.  What I realized is, falls are going to come.  I’m never going to be so close to God that I will not stumble along the way.  And neither will you.

The great thing is though, with all the times I have fallen over the years, physically and spiritually, He’s always supplied the strength I needed to stand again.  My heart is reveling in the fact that He doesn’t keep score of those falls.  No matter how many times I fall or how hard I land, His grace and mercy always pull me back to my feet.

He doesn’t stop loving me.  He doesn’t even scold me.  

In my mind, I see a Father who looks back at me, lying on the ground, with skint hands, bruised knees and a broken spirit.  He smiles, even chuckles a little at the sight.  Yet, with love pouring from His eyes, He begins to walk back to me.  Sometimes, He gently pulls me up.  Sometimes, He kneels down beside me, comforting me as I cry it out.  But, never does He leave me there.

In that fallen moment, I realized, how great His love is for me.  He is never surprised by my falls.  He’s never embarrassed by me, either.  I am His precious child, with all my scrapes, bruises and scars.  I am still His child.  His pride and joy.  Like any parent, sure, He wishes I wouldn’t fall so much.  But, He is patient, because He knows that I am learning to walk.  And one day, yes, one day…I will get it right.

Who is a God like unto thee,

that pardoneth iniquity,

and passeth by the transgression

of the remnant of his heritage?

he retaineth not his anger for ever,

because he delighteth in mercy.  

He will turn again,

he will have compassion upon us;

he will subdue our iniquities;

and thou wilt cast all their sins

into the depths of the sea.

~Micah 7:18-19


7 thoughts on “I STAND (or at least I try)

  1. Ha! I can so relate to this, both spiritually and physically. Being legally blind, falling is a natural and daily occurrence for me. Loved your analogy!
    Uplifting piece!

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  2. That’s so beautiful, that the Lord gave you a first hand example of this! God is so beautiful and merciful, isn’t He? And yes, I’m astounded but just read about Peter and all his mess ups, and you feel much better. We’re all like that and God loves us anyway.

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  3. I stand amazed with you! Isn’t He wonderful? With every fall he issues a divine invitation to rise again. Because of His love for us, a “fall” doesn’t have to be a “fail”! Hallelujah! Visiting from Grace & Truth. 🙂

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