The View from Here….

Shared this a while back, but wanted to share again.

Renee Kinlaw


She looks carefully for the perfect spot, making sure the ground is level so there is nothing that will cause him to fall. Finding it, she eases on the brake and shifts the gear into park.  She is quick to shut down the car and shed her seat belt. Within minutes she is at his side. Opening his door she is greeted with a generous smile.  The smile that has warmed many hearts. She smiles back while unfastening his seat belt.  Then she double checks his shoelaces before taking him by the hand and helping him stand.

Reaching around him she grabs his coat and holds it out making it easier for him to put on.  His right arm goes in perfectly, but the left gets caught. With adoration in her eyes, she makes a joke of it causing them both to laugh as she lifts the disobedient arm and…

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